Oracle Support Services.

Oracle Support Services


Organisations that require Oracle Applications Support often struggle to justify the cost of hiring a full-time Oracle Applications Support – a critical business resource that simply doesn’t come cheap.

Cradiant offers a cost-effective alternative which typically saves our clients up to 50% compared to the cost of hiring or retaining a full-time Applications .

Support Features

The full spectrum of Oracle Support is precisely our business. Our industry leading, proven Oracle Support Features ensure your Oracle environments are available, secure and performing optimally. 


Our policy of named Primary and Secondary ensures that you speak with known, expert individuals and build relationships with support staff that you know and trust. Additionally, our unique Secondary Rotation Policy ensures that all support staff are familiar with your environments and avoids any single points of failure. Cradiant’s Oracle Support Consultants pride themselves on familiarizing themselves with your in-house business processes and will integrate seamlessly into day-to-day operations.

Proactive Maintenance

Cradiant’s approach to proactive maintenance ensures constant service availability and performance. Our maintenance level is multi-tiered and the level of maintenance is determined by the Cradiant Oracle Support Package that you decide is right for your business. Additionally, some maintenance tasks are performed outside of core business hours to minimize service disruption during your core business hours.


Oracle release patches to fix bugs, improve security and provide functionality enhancements. Depending upon your level of Support Package, we can apply all patches including Quarterly Security Patches, Critical Patch Updates and even Minor Release Upgrades.

Performance Tuning

Ongoing Performance Tuning ensures that your environments are optimized, preventing common issues such as slow application responses or timeouts. Performance Tuning is included in many of our Flexible Oracle Support Packages for the technical components of your application stack i.e. application server.

Backup & Recovery

The results of a poor Backup and Recovery solution such as lost data, lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction could be devastating for any business. Full Backup Management is included in many of our proactive Flexible Oracle Support Packages.

Disaster Recovery Test

An annual Disaster Recovery (DR) Test can be included within Support Packages. The flexible nature of our Oracle Support Packages enables this feature to be added to any other support package or carried out as a one-off consultancy project.

Management & Recovery

We issue regular management reports, dependent upon your chosen Support Package. Each report details support tickets that have been raised including ticket number, dates, description and status. Additionally, a high level management summary provides supplementary information that appraises system performance and recommends activities that should be performed to optimize your supported environments.

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